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jdiam athrun
Posted on 2006.02.16 at 06:44
so much to say, so little reason to say it.

i could whine about valentine's day but it doesn't matter
i could whine about school but it doesn't matter
i could whine about being sick but it doesn't matter

all i want is some peace and quiet

jdiam athrun
Posted on 2006.01.30 at 18:57
mood: :(
tunes: the pain of caroline's slap :(
i dont have the interweb :(
i spilled soda on my router
and now it died
and now it is dead*

I HATE MACINTOSH... ES... APPLES... actually I like the -fruit- apple

i miss nya and i hope hse's ok cause she was bein emo and she was like dont call me and i didnt see that until yeserday oops


i decided not to use capital letters because it's way too much effort on this weird ass keyboard with keys that are just a little too small to be normal



caroline is looking at this right now and she says "hi" so everybody say hi to caroline
she is an alcoholic
she just slapped me
i have a bruise

jdiam athrun
Posted on 2006.01.19 at 12:15
this new icon is hawt

jdiam athrun

magical fairy journal update

Posted on 2006.01.12 at 23:38
tunes: interpol - obstacle one
Hi, I don't believe I've updated in a wihle. It's the end of the semester tomorrow and I believe I have amanged to receive a D in Chemistry as well as up to three other Cs (hopefully one). I kind of avoided school and schoolwork a lot this quarter and I regret it deeply. I plan to do well on midterms and the final two quarters to keep my running GPA somewhat stable. Somehow I doubt I can keep the 3.57 but oh well. My parents don't really comprehend the extent of the grades I've been getting but until the report card comes I shan't worry about it. Even then, if my midterms are really good, they might overlook a bit. This quarter will basically be A B ? ? ? D A. The ?s could all be Cs or Bs. I'm thinking two Bs and a C in there. I'll find out for sure tomorrow about two of them anyway. The other, it is a mystery.

My sleep schedule is fucked up, sometimes I go to school without sleeping at all. This is mainly due to the fact that I talk to people during the wee hours since they aren't around at normal times. I don't mind sleeping in the afternoon though, so it's not so bad.

Uh, I dunno what else. Oh. I saw the gay cowboy movie. ... yeah

jdiam athrun

turn on the bright lights

Posted on 2006.01.02 at 21:52
tunes: interpol wtf
someone royally fucked up my sleep schedule (cough) and
i have school tomorrow what the fuck D:

so like i didnt do any work over break but i managed to break a tv
although i really dont think you can attribute its destruction to me

i also have abolished the use of correct punctuation at certain times
such as this one

i like hitting the enter key because it makes me feel like i have control

nah i'm just fucking around wtf

i have very little to say that any of you should hear

jdiam athrun
Posted on 2005.12.17 at 09:59
Andrew and Dan are back. That's cool.

I broke my iPod the other morning. That's not cool.

jdiam athrun

lol what

Posted on 2005.12.14 at 15:02
I made my own icon it's awsm

jdiam athrun


Posted on 2005.12.13 at 17:18
My grades are terrible and I'm still procrastinating some how. Three of the grades are stable; one teacher is a total pushover. That leaves three courses I'm not so hot in. By "not so hot" I mean I'm getting Ds. Which is terrible for me. I had my junior interview today, but I didn't know until the time it was schedule for me to go. So I wrote a resume on college rule paper, took off my hoodie (wore a polo underneath today, luckily) and went confidently over to the lady. It went extremely well, and she even put "yes" for "appropriately dressed". I was happy.

So let's just not talk about me and girls.

jdiam athrun

you disappeared so often like you're satin in a coffin

Posted on 2005.12.10 at 16:40
tunes: modest mouse - dont really know name of song
yeah, I still feel like shit about it. and Hex I don't care what you say =p

song lyricsCollapse )

jdiam athrun

lol @ life, part deux

Posted on 2005.12.07 at 15:46
I experienced a nice heartbreak again. Picture-perfect replica of what happened wiht Sam months back. She leads me on, starts to break off a bit but still flirts, then starts dating my friend in front of me. And lies about everything. In all logical reason I should hate her but I can't get over her.

I'm getting pretty sick of this.

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