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jdiam athrun

hold your glass high

Posted on 2006.04.23 at 18:43
i know i've said this before but i think it's important to explain how vital music is to my life. i'm completely serious when i say i may have killed myself by now if i didn't have music. it just keeps me going. it's something for my mind to follow instead of going down into depression. it's not just the lyrics or having something to relate to, it's the sheer presence of the music itself.

i really like a lot of kinds of music. i'm not one of those tards that says "oh i like anything but rap," or "i like anything but country". i used to hate country, but i've always recognized the catchiness and wittiness of rap. granted i'm not a big fan of 50 cent or kanye west but - and thi sis cliche - underground rap is quality.

as for country it's pretty good sometimes. it's not my thing cause i'm not rural or christian but i can see why people like it. for all i make fun of it, "jesus take the wheel" is catchy.

a lot of people have this image of me as the lazy genius who doesn't do work but knows what's going on all the time and gets decent grades and is really smart and will succeed in life. that's not really true.

i probably won't go anywhere because my passion is that which doesn't deliver; writing.

and yet right now i'm dreaming of the day after i'm dead when one of you prints out all these journal entries and puts them in a book and calls them my early writings. and everyone will write research papers about me and cite this book and you, whoever did that, will be rich. but then, if i'm dead, either i died young or you're about to die too. so um... good luck w/ that

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